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  • The 2011 spring sessions are 6-7 for beginners and 7:00-8:00 on Mondays in relo #5 for intermediate students. Click here for Spring 2011 stories.
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  • Time in Russia tells you what time it is in Moscow/St. Petersburg, in Irkutsk, or in Anadyr and Kamchatka.

A little about me and these classes--

I’ve taught Russian for twenty-five years, first at East High, where I started studying Russian myself in high school, and then at West High and Romig Middle School.

I work hard to learn to teach well, and over 23 years, had settled on an eclectic mix of what is known as communicative techniques.

At the end of the 2007-2008 school year, a talented student told me that during my yearly one-month experiment of storytelling, she and her classmates learned more than at any other time in the year. I went back to study the method, and now try to always use comprehensible input techniques. To introduce words, we will use some Total Physical Response, a method developed in part by James Asher. For helping you acquire the language, I will use TPR Storytelling, created by Blaine Ray. I am still honing my skills in this method.

With TPR and TPR Storytelling, your responsibility as a student is to intend to understand, to respond to my words, and to always tell me if you don’t understand. During class, I’d like to avoid speaking English for more than five seconds at a time, and then only if necessary. I will check your comprehension by asking for translation and looking at your eyes.

Welcome to the journey!